A Happy Ending [Costs Double] by kaihire
(4/4 | 6,146 | E)
It's Stiles' birthday, and his friends decide to surprise him with a visit to a strip club.
busrabagbasi: Hey im trying to fins fanfics like that one sterek gifset that derek is the landlord and stiles was mad & i'm trying to find sterek fics like that sterek are neighbors. Pls?


derek is a landlord

  • Derek Hale: Landlord! by breenwolf (Not Rated, 9k) Derek offers a unit on the twentieth floor to Stiles on a Thursday, in the middle of a grocery store. “What, really?” Stiles asks, brows raised high. He gestures at himself. “Me? Like, me? For real?”
  • untitled by thepsychicclam (Not Rated, 4k) Stiles has a mission. He has a mission and a list – a long list that details with bulleted subpoints all the things wrong with his apartment. Sure, he’s thankful for having a roof over his head (if said roof didn’t leak) and at a fair price (which was really the selling point, let’s be honest). But still, Stiles drops most of his measly paycheck on rent every month, and he’d like a place that wasn’t falling apart. That was only fair.
  • untitled by literaryoblivion (Not Rated, 1k)  When Stiles got the flyer on his door, he was so ready. Finally! Finally, the landlord was showing his face and having a building meeting where the tenants, mainly Stiles, could air their grievances. Stiles’s phone calls and messages to the dude had gone unanswered for weeks, and it was getting ridiculous. 
  • untitled by hazelandglasz (Not Rated, 1k) Every new tenant gets one “Hale of a welcome basket”—yes, Derek knows that he’s cheesier than a pan of Mac’n’Cheese, but he snickers to himself, and he’s not hurting anybody with his puns, is he? And it was something his mother was adamant about, to welcome new neighbors with a basket of treats to make the first days a little bit easier.

derek and stiles are neighbors

  • This Might Be Irony by thepsychicclam (M, 38k) Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents’ death. But Derek’s in the popular group, he’s a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn’t have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship. And it all begins with two white boards.
  • A Blossoming Romance by Trelkez (T, 10k) Stiles will just have to try harder next time. No one can ignore him forever.
  • Knot the Average Alpha by blacktofade (E, 20k) Stiles’ favourite porn star, Derek Hale, moves into his apartment block and there are inappropriate facial jokes, broken bones, and a staggering amount of threats in a tiny elevator.

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hardcore-yaoi: hi there :) do you think that you could update the harry potter crossover fics? i really love the ones you've already posted but im looking for more! (preferable nc-17 ones if thats okay), thankyou! x

got something to put in you by  (1/1 | 2,236 | NC-17)

The second time Derek and Stiles meet is in a gay bar.

A wizarding gay bar.

It’s very sparkly.

Part 1 of forget our future plans

the sound of the unlocking and the lift away by  (1/1 | 7,828 | PG-13)

Stiles is newly sixteen. He tries to remember what it was like to be eleven and wonders if he ever had something as exciting as a magical boarding school looming in his future. Nope, he thinks, nothing exciting ever happens to me.

Or, the one where Stiles is related to Luna Lovegood.

shirley temple, on the rocks by  (1/1 | 3,006 | PG-13)

“Are you sure you’re a Gryffindor?” Derek says.

“The hat did try to put me in Slytherin,” Stiles shrugs. “But I asked for Gryffindor, so,” and he drains his drink, crunching on the bits of syrupy ice at the bottom.

Silver Bullets and Wolfsbane Potion by  (7/? | 29,601 | PG-13)

After the war, Remus just wanted a peaceful home where he could raise his son. The Ministry of Magic was making that nearly impossible. A newly resurrected Sirius thinks he may have found a werewolf friendly town in the U.S. And, being the loyal godson that he is, Harry goes along for the ride.

As Harry, Remus, and Teddy make their way to Beacon Hills to meet Sirius, they manage to catch the attention of the Hale pack, who have only just begun to rebuild their pack.

Can the British werewolf in America find a home, or will conflict between muggles and wizards be too much?

Werewolves, Wizards, and Durmstrang Oh My by  (4/10 | 17,054 | R)

Sure Voldemort is dead and the good guys won. But Hogwarts can’t be rebuilt in a weekend and there are still students in need of a school. For Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Jackson Whittemore, and Danny Mahealani, the Ministry of Magic’s choices aren’t great. Take a year off, use a tutor, or try to get into a different wizarding school.
As Ravenclaws, the thought of a year off is too much, so it’s to Durmstrang they go. But Durmstrang isn’t like Hogwarts. Werewolves and vampires attend school alongside humans and only a tenuous peace is held between the Hales and Argents.
Stiles and his pack are about to find themselves in a world with just as many mysteries as the one they left, with a history that Stiles is tied to more deeply than he realizes.
And of course, if that wasn’t enough, Stiles had to go and fall for a werewolf Auror named Derek Hale.


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bilbowatsonholmes: Hey! I love the blog but I wondering if you had any fics that include Cheter ([Phris] Peter Hale/Chris Argent) as I've read all the ones I can find myself, but sometimes I see ones that I haven't seen before, so I thought I'd see if you had any others:) Much appreciated! x


Love Comes in Spurts by  (5/5 | 26,238 | NC-17)

Stiles has always had sort of a hero worship thing going on with Scott’s step-brother Derek so moving into a house with him freshman year was basically fulfilling a childhood fantasy. Discovering how Derek was putting himself through college, well that was a whole other fantasy that Stiles didn’t even know he had.

Part 1 of Love Comes in Spurts

Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds. by  (16/16 | 21,109 | NC-17)

Stiles always knew finding a mate would be hard for him. He’s not bright and beautiful like Lydia, or stong like Danny or adorable like Scott.

He was just Stiles, ADHD riddled fox kid who loved to draw.

Derek Hale was everything, popular, strong, smart and gorgeous.

They get put together on an English assignment and it doesn’t go at all like Stiles expects.

Scarlet by  (13/16 | 54,164 | NC-17)

Fed up with being taken for granted and tired of feeling rejected, Stiles starts to pull away from the pack he’s not sure he’s even a part of in the first place. Along the way of building up his self image, he meets some new fabulously flamboyant friends and rediscovers a side of himself he’d forgotten about.

True Love’s Kiss by  (1/1 | 8,982 | NC-17)

“Oh, you know,” Lydia said. “The usual. A witch, a spell, and voila! Puppies.”

the amber of the moment by  (2/2 | 23,205 | R)

Ever since he was eight years old, Stiles had been running. Fate decided it was time to stop.

Bullets and Claws by  (1/1 | 12,284 | PG-13)

When the Hales open a bookshop next to the Silver Bullet coffee shop, Stiles notices his new boss Mr Argent seems to have a history with them. It’s the only reason he tries to find out more about their family. It has absolutely nothing to do with how attractive that grouchy Derek looks. Nope, nothing.

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isaaclaslayme: Hey there, favorite blog ever! Do you think you could update the BAMF!Stiles tag? I've read everything in the tag already, more than once on a few occasions! Thanks!

are you wooing me so i’ll answer all your questions? cause it’s working

Not Your Disney Romance by  (5/5 | 42,065 | R)

After a long-forgotten agreement of an arranged marriage between Derek and the daughter of another pack’s alpha resurfaces, Stiles takes it upon himself to become the most amazing fake fiancé that a clueless, desperate alpha werewolf could wish for.

This is Ridiculous by  (6/6 | 35,818 | NC-17)

There’s a unicorn in Beacon Hills. A fricken’ unicorn. In fricken’ Beacon Hills, California. And it turns out that unicorns aren’t drawn towards virgins in a happy-go-lucky let-me-lay-my-not-at-all-metaphorical-horn-in-your-lap way. No. They kill them. And guess who’s the only virgin idiotic enough to get sucked into the Beacon Hills supernatural scene? Stiles, that’s who.

Enemy Lines by  (17/17 | 149,179 | NC-17)

This is the story of werewolf Derek Hale and human Stiles Stilinski: two people who grew up in the same town but completely different worlds, their realities split by the war between men and wolves.

Years later when Derek returns to Beacon Hills, he does it as Alpha of a military pack on a mission to capture those responsible for the region’s resistance. With his main objective, Sheriff Stilinski, out of sight, he settles for the next best thing: his son, Stiles.

Neither of them suspects they’ll need to trust each other if they want to make it out this alive.

Blood Pounding in Our Veins by  (10/10 | 41,305 | R)

Stiles figured that Mrs. McCall finding out Scott’s secret would change things, but he’s completely unprepared for the very first thing she does, which is to invite Isaac to move in with her and Scott.


In which Stiles is angry. For some very good reasons.

Courage Through Fear by  (1/1 | 51,487 | R)

With the Alpha Pack closing in, Stiles is thrust into the center of an unusual three-way alliance between Hunters, werewolves, and little old him. Injecting himself between all sides in a war far beyond his skill has far reaching consequences for Stiles, but it might be just what he needs to gain the courage to get what he wants.

with bloody feet across the hallowed ground by  (1/1 | 29,900 | Pg-13) 

There were no last words. No more pleas, no more screaming. Just the sound of Stiles squeezing the trigger, the explosion of a second shot rocketing out of the revolver, and the hunters bursting through the open doorway just in time to see the bullet slam squarely into the center of Derek’s chest.

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awkwardcustomer: Can you update the angel tag? Please please please :) i love your blog,have a wonderful day :))

you got it dude

angel stiles:

The Full Moon Like Blood by  (10/10 | 24,332 | NC-17)

It starts, like most unexpected things, on a Tuesday. New York is the first city to be hit. Witnesses will tell reporters later that there was a huge wind, and the clouds parted like someone had pushed them aside. And then there were dark silhouettes of wings against the bright sun, casting the streets in shadow.

Or the one where Stiles is a vengeful angel and Derek is just trying to get home.

oh what a shame by  (1/1 | 11,815 | PG-13)

He never expected it would be easy, trying to be human, but he never expected it would be this goddamn difficult either.

Little red riding hood the nephilim by  (10/? | 4,162 | NC-17)

Or : Stiles is the nephilim son of Archangel Gabriel and Hunter Sam Winchester. Stiles is hunted by both demons and angels, but he will do everything in his power to keep his new pack safe. Still, keeping the secret is getting harder, and harder.
Stiles just need a bit more time, but Derek has apparently never heard of personal space, that makes the secret harder to keep. And worse is that Stiles seem to react really funny to getting his personal space invaded.

angel derek:

this amy rose tumblr fic

Heaven Can Be So Boring by  (9/9 | 11,923 | R)

Demon!Stiles and Angel!Derek.

Except Derek’s not so much an angel anymore, and Stiles…Stiles isn’t a great demon.

The Will of Heaven by  (1/1 | 1,206 | PG-13)

"Hello, angel." Stiles crouches next to Derek, smirking. His eyes have a gold-tinged, fiery gleam, and his curving black horns glint in the setting sun. His leathery wings fade into a dark, ashy smoke, which soon disappears, along with his pointed tail. "Watching over your human again?"

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thebadassisin: i didnt see any fae/fairy stiles in the tags. Did I miss it or do you guys have any you could suggest?

salt and a waltz by  (1/1 | 7,433 | NC-17)

"Not that lubed-up Q-tips aren’t the sexiest thing in the world, but I kinda want to know what it’s like, you know. To be impaled on your huge dick without actually being impaled.”

“It was about to get sexy there, but you shot the mood right in the face.”

In which Stiles is a faerie and Derek is sick and tired of not being able to fuck him.

We’re All Freaks Here by  (1/1 | 12,918 | PG-13)

There are things that go bump in the night, make no mistake.
These are the dudes that bump back.

House Of The Rising Sun (Wear That Ball And Chain) by  (1/1 | 4,168 | R)

It was for the good of the pack.

That’s what Derek’s mother had told him and he couldn’t even argue. If the fae hadn’t intervened there wouldn’t be a pack, not after what Kate Argent had planned.

The Magic’s in the Coffee by  (8/8 | 17,596 | NC-17)

Ever since the tall, muscled, leather-clad werewolf had begun his daily coffee routine at the Skullery—a horrendous name in Stiles’s opinion, but his boss was a skeleton who thought he was terribly clever—an impromptu competition developed among the baristas.

Rez by  (12/12 | 36,849 | R)

AU, Stiles has grown up his whole life on Toad Suck Reservation. When his dad gets called in as arbitrator between different kinds of creatures, Stiles gets to meet Otherkind he’s only ever heard about before. Sterek/OC/some ideas/people stolen from Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series.

Coffee, Teas and Sweets by  (1/1 | 767 | PG-13)

"I feel like our relationship has skipped several steps." Derek says slowly. "First, you ate my cupcakes. Then you propose I drink your coffee." Derek’s hands are carefully pulling their wings apart one sticky point at a time. "And then you touch our wings together."

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tardis-or-tardat: fyi I live off of your blog Like this is my daily blog to stalk A+ on being amazing human beings
Just wanted to thank you!! I’m very very new to sterek and was having such hard time finding fics but you even have like a best for beginners tag is amazing!!
Hey so I know this may sound really stupid and you guys may not even read this but lately I have been going through a lot of personal shit and to take my mind off things I read. Your blog has been my saving grace these past few weeks. When things get rough I scroll through your tags and just read everything. I just wanted to thank you for helping me (even if you didn’t mean to) and thank you for putting in so much hardwork to create this blog. You guys are awesome :)
Not asking for anything, but I just wanted to at this is like the best blog ever. Like a literal LIBRARY FOR STEREK FICS OMG ITS AMAZING I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! You can pretty much find everything here! I just wanna say thank you all so much for this (and I’m still not sure if there is multiple people or not but I’m pretty sure there is) but yeah this is freaking amazing, so thanks for the hard work and you deserve many follows and puppies and Sterek smut ily all goodnight (it’s actually 7:00 pm)

you are all cuties. (ノ*゜▽゜*) i’m glad all of you enjoy the effort i put into this blog and i’m mostly just glad people can use it. to clear things up kristine & alex run this blog. (also the adorably blushing derek is from this)

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alpharesco: I'd love it if you could update the relationship reveal tag!!! I love the blog btw, thank you for hours of Sterek literary goodness!!! :D xxxx

you’re welcome m’lady

pack finds out:

Bet On It by  (1/1 | 8,343 | R)

Stiles is an RN and Derek the attending trauma surgeon at Beacon Hills Hospital. They’re constantly arguing, much to the amusement of their colleagues, who ultimately decide to take bets on when the sexual tension will finally explode. The only question is, who will win the jackpot?


5 times one of the guys try to push Derek and Stiles together, and the time they worked it out all on their own.

Bingo by  (16/16 | 23,897 | R)

Derek scowls.

Or, the one that was supposed to be every item on the Sterek bingo chart and ended up being a Derek manpain feels jamboree.

scott finds out:

never found a boy (to love me like you do) by  (1/1 | 6,646 | R)

Stiles sits down opposite him, long fingers wrapping round the vodka bottle’s neck as he drags it towards him. “Huh.” He’s practically caressing the lid as he unscrews it and Derek shifts in his seat, looks determinedly elsewhere.

This Must Be What Going Mad Feels Like by ladylade (1/1 | PG-13)

Holy shit, Scott thinks, horrified. Because Derek isn’t staring creepily at some unidentified point in the distance. Derek is staring at his best friend’s ass.

sheriff finds out:

From the Cradle to the Grave by  (1/1 | 4207 | PG-13)

It’s not that the sheriff doesn’t like Derek. It’s just that he thinks Stiles could do better.

 But Stiles has been an adult for over two years now, so he can make his own choices. Even if they are terrible.

 Also, the sheriff doesn’t like Derek.

Twice in a Lifetime (AKA The Importance of Snuggle Buddies) by  (1/1 | 1761 | G)

It takes him a while to actually notice it’s not just Stiles sprawled across their couch, but to be fair to him, he isn’t really thinking about anything but finally getting some sleep and maybe liberating one of the cookies that Stiles thinks are well hidden behind the microwave. He’s half way to covering the boys up with a blanket when he finally notices.

That is definitely not Scott McCall.

It is in fact definitely Derek Hale. Derek Hale the 26 year old. Who his son is currently lying on, head tucked under Derek’s chin, Derek’s hands clenched in the back of his t-shirt.

“Um,” the Sheriff says. He wasn’t prepared for this.

Kind of a Thing by  (1/1 | 3,464 | G)

“You’re ‘kind of a thing,’” his dad repeated, the quotations clear in his voice. “Well, I’m not sure what kind of a thing means,” he said, getting up, disappearing to the kitchen briefly and returning with a beer, “but it’s 9:45, which means that kind of a thingneeds to leave in fifteen minutes.”

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Ever want to reread a fanfic but you can’t remember the title? Here’s a Google trick that will change your life

Let’s say you’re looking for a Destiel fic that involved a trip to Costco and you read it on AO3. First thing you type in the Goggle search bar is


the site: tells Google that you only want it to search the AO3 website

Next, enter your search terms

costco dean cas

when you hit search Google will give you a list of all the pages on AO3 that contain the words you entered. All you have to do is click through the results until you find the fic you’re thinking of

It’s that easy. Now go find that fanfic you’ve been pining for

BLESS THIS POST. I just found the Johnlock fanfic I’ve been searching for months. Thank you!!!

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