tomorrow's paper by hito
(1/1 | 15,985 | E)
Stiles is a film student on a mission.
Anonymous: Do you have any domestic fics? Where Derek is obvious and Stiles is oblivious? I love them! :D

check out the domestic tag & the oblivious stiles tag

do you have any of them just cuddling in bed and talking?
try the bed sharing tag
I’m asking all my fav blogs if its possible to separate the twin tag into a normal one and a twincest one. It’s just I have a twin and I love to read aus where the characters have a twin, but its incredibly disturbing for me to have to see stories involving incest or even to have to go through the tag, especially when I accidentally click on twincest fic. There is no shame in liking any kink, but twins are sexualised so much that its upsetting that the tags aren’t separated. Thanks for your time
yeah i can start doing that. just check the tags on our posts & the stories. i’ll have the twin tag that i will edit and filter out the twincest and make a completely separate tag 
I’ve looked through your tags, and tried to find like dead!derek or something along those lines? All I could find was ghost!derek, all though that seems exciting, I had an of urge to read a fic where Stiles is upset about Derek’s death. Or something like that. Could you direct me to some fics, if you have any? Thank you!
check out the major character death tag. if there isn’t enough dead derek in there just let me know and i’ll make a reclist for you
hey the new telepathic soul bonds link isn’t working. just wanted to let you know! (love this blog btw!! :D) & #5 anonymous: Hi there! I was just reading the soul bond tag, and then tried out the telepathic soul bond, but it doesn’t link to the page. Just letting you guys know so hopefully you can fix it! Thanks for keeping up on such an amazing blog!
that’s because I said i would work on it. I’m actually in the process of going through the fics in the tag and seeing if they have any telepathicness in them. so I will get it up and running soonish and may post a reclist of others. but i will let you know here or at our twitter
OMG I need reality show!Sterek!! Are there any stories like this??
we have a tag for that! reality tv
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Anonymous: (if u know clevver TV) there's idea in order to stand against the TW cast and writers from mocking the fandoms fan fiction writing that we don't watch one of the following episodes probably the next one the night it premiers but later when they post it online. "I have this idea Idk how to go about it. But what if we did something To try and show the rude TW crew that we aren't toys they can mess with something like creating a following & not watch 1 episode as it premiers." What do you think?

ah i don’t know. I mean, I’ve seen the video and i didn’t think it was funny but I also don’t think it was entirely the teen wolf cast’s fault. Clevver TV specifically chose certain fanfiction for the cast to read. They chose weird and confusing ones like the one with Stiles as a gymnast or whatever. I mean thy could’ve written that themselves or just edit it enough that it made no sense. I mean Posey was excited to read the fanfiction, Holland seems to know about a good chunk of ships we have and knows that fanfiction exists. They all seemed pretty happy (especially Hoechlin) to find out that teen wolf has a huge fanbase comparing to supernatural and sherlock. So I’m not really blaming the cast, mostly clevver tv and the bad idea to have them read crappy fanfiction. 

That’s just my personal opinions on it. You can watch the video here and make your own opinions. 

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midnightisquiet: This might me a bit specific, but do you know of any stories where Stiles and Derek are stuck in an elevator?

well some of these will have stuck in an elevator and some will just be elevator sex/ elevator aus

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by  (1/1 | 7,799 | Pg-13)

“I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
Derek raised an eyebrow at him.
“That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress.
Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.” 
(Otherwise known as the Elevator AU)

Five Times Detective Stilinski and Fire Captain Hale Had Sex In Public, and One Time They Did It In A Bed by

"Did you say—" Stiles starts.

"What?" Derek growls.

"We’re not a couple!" they both retort in unison.

"We’re not together," Stiles insists.

Lydia coughs pointedly. “An incident report filed by 87th Precinct Captain Erica Reyes. March twenty-fifth, eight p.m. Came back to the precinct to grab my coat, only to hear Stilinski banging his new boyfriend in the holding cell.”

Wrong On Many Levels by  (1/1 | 1,065 | NC-17)

Stiles is expecting Derek to pull away and smile, but instead his tongue teases at Stiles lips until Stiles’ mouth opens, and then Derek is pressing him up against the wall of the elevator, a thigh nudging between his legs.

“Derek—” Stiles gasps when Derek bites his lip, grinding against him. “What are you—”

“You’re nervous. You need to relax,” Derek says simply, a mischievous glint in his eye.

Mirror, Mirror by  (1/1 | 2,547 | NC-17)

Derek mashes his hand into the emergency stop button on the elevator panel the moment they are between floors, a sub-vocal growl in his throat the second before he turns to Stiles.

Heat Rises by  (2/2 | 1,495 | NC-17)

Stiles wants to do it in a public place.
Cue elavator music.

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Anonymous: Do you know of any good accidental arousal fics? Love the blog btw!


thank you!

Cause of Death - 

Professional Misconduct

(7,936 | Explicit) Stiles gets a massage. And then some.

Alternatively: in which Stiles’ mouth gets him into trouble, again and again.

There Ain’t No Heaven

(4,806 | Explicit) Derek and Stiles are forced to spend the night in a car and Stiles pops an awkward boner.

lift you to your higher ground

(4,842 | Explicit) Derek takes a deep breath before he looks up. “I was going to Jungle to pick up a guy.”

"Huh." Stiles taps his fingers against his bottom lip. They come away red; there’s already lipstick on his teeth. "You know, there’s an app for that. Grindr. You’re—I bet you could just get guys to come over, like pizza delivery."

"I don’t like pizza," Derek says.

All the Pleasures Prove

(1,155 | Explicit) Derek, shirtless and in sweatpants. Stiles, desperate and horny. That’s about it.

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forever-mermaid: Could you rec any new FWB fics? I've read all the ones in the tag now, thank you in advance!!

i can and will (love your icon omg :) & >;C )

A Good Thing by  (1/1 | 741 | NC-17)

"I think it’s time to admit that I have this bizarre, weird, twisted thing for your dick."

Broken Cookie, Shattered Glass by  (1/1 | 36,300 | NC-17)

After Stiles’ best friend moves out of the apartment the two of them have shared for the last five years and into his own in a different city with his fiancee, Stiles is in desperate need of a new roommate. After a dinner with the Hale family, Stiles finally has a new roommate. The only problem is that he seems to hate Stiles’ guts.

Just A Few Extra Benefits by  (1/1 | 13,053 | NC-17)

When Derek comes to Stiles with a confession that he has trust issues that make any sex life impossible, he offers Stiles a mutually beneficial proposal:

They are close friends who trust each other explicitly, therefore, they can have sex with each other and take care of both his intimacy issues and Stiles’s ‘virginity’ issue all in one no-strings-attached deal.

Derek and Stiles are comfortable with their arrangement… It’s everybody else that is waiting for their friendship to be damaged beyond repair.

Perk Up by  (3/3 | 42,260 | NC-17)

"You really like like him, don’t you?”

Stiles wrinkles his nose, “God, what are you, twelve? I don’t like like him. We sleep together sometimes and I studied on his couch for a few hours once. That’s it.”

"You should tell him you have feelings for him," Scott continues, blatantly ignoring what Stiles is saying. "It’ll probably solve a whole lot of problems. Then you can just sleep together and hang out while not sleeping together without it being awkward. Also, I won’t have to listen to months of your moping."

(Or: Stiles is a grad student who spends far too much money on coffee at Derek’s shop. They also fuck occasionally.)

They’ll Take It All by  (1/1 | 1,620 | PG-13)

Stiles is not, by nature, a liar.

when you are close to me, i shiver by  (1/1 | 2,456 | R)

It’s not a perfect arrangement. Lydia still sets Derek up every month and she somehow does it on the nights that Stiles just needs Derek to be on top of him. And Derek doesn’t say anything when it happens, but he wrinkles his nose anytime Stiles shows up after a one-night-stand with someone who isn’t him.


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Get Those Clicking Fingers Ready, It’s Poll Time!!

There are three polls going on right now that involve Sterek. All of them can be voted for as much as you want, so get ready, get set and go go go! (please please please, no bots!)

The first actually involves yours truly, the Sterek Campaign, as well as all of you who helped make our charity auction events over the past two years such a success! We’re up for Fandom Feat of the Year in the MTVU Fandom Awards! 

The second is also a part of the MTVU Fandom Awards, but this one is just for Sterek, the amazing ship that has brought us all together. Vote Sterek for Ship of the Year!

Both MTVU Fandom Awards Polls end TONIGHT at 9pm EST, so there’s just over 4 hours left!!!

The final poll is one that we as a fandom are very, very familiar with! The BackLot Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney is back and once again Sterek is in the running for the crown. We won this tournament during the heyday of Sterek back in 2012 and came in second to Destiel last year. Remember, this tournament was started because of Sterek. Think we can reclaim our title? We do! Just head on over to the Slash Madness Tourney and vote vote vote!

The first round ends Friday night (July 25th) at midnight EST!

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Anonymous: do you know of any fics where they can hear each others thoughts or read each others minds?

that usually falls under soul bond but i will go through them and make a separate telepathic soul bond tag 

Just wanted you to know that your mobile theme is good now.
awesome! thanks for giving me a heads up.
any fics where stiles has been sexually abused for a while.. derek & the pack are there for him. (icky subject, I know)
try the abused stiles.
do you know any derek/bansheeStiles! fic ?? i´ve been looking for so long ( tank you sexy ;p )
not that i know of! 
Hi! First of all…love the page :) Second of all, I’m in the mood for “The First Time” between Sterek. (Gotta love romance) Any suggestions?
based on the movie with dylan and britt? nope. but their is a first time tag or are you looking for something where they are both virgins? 
Do you have any fanfic’s where Derek is jealous of Malia because she’s with Stiles? :)
I have no come across any of those but I will make a reclist when I see some!
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Anonymous: Have any current and realistic sterek

well we have the canon tag & the season 4 tag but werewolfwagon has a great episode related taglist

Hey, can you rec fics with magic-Stiles/Stiles as a warlock/sorcerer?
check out our magic stiles tag
Awesome blog, I was wondering if you knew of any camping/outdoorsy fics.
we have a camping tag & a summer camp tag & the running tag has a lot of the outside in it
Do you have any fics where Stiles has magical tattoos or tribal-like tattoos?
check the tattoo tag & if there isn’t any, let me know
Do you have anywhere derek and stiles finally get together but stiles is scared about having sex with derek because he is insecure about himself?
we have a scared about sex tag but the first time tag has a lot of insecure stiles
hi yes is there a link for mobile users anywhere because I can’t find one ):
all of our links are in the first line of the description which should be able to be viewed on mobile right underneath our icon
Hi! Do you think it would be possible to note WIP fics when you do rec lists? Thanks.
Well I personally hardly ever read WIP so you probably won’t find any on rec posts (and if you do it is tagged chaptered wip) but on recs/question recs it is always shown by the first group of numbers (status | word count | rating) WIP will look like 2/? or 2/8. Completed fics will look like 12/12 and oneshots are simply 1/1. Hope that helps!
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Anonymous: do you have any more 5+1?


Lest the Fire Consume by  (6/6 | 10,653 | NC-17)

5 times Derek recognized his mate, and the time Stiles recognized him in return.

The Pros and Cons of Simulated Love by  91/1 | 3,688 | Pg-13)

And with that Stiles’ slightly-creepy-still-mostly-just-amusing afternoon (and night) came to a dramatic, screeching halt. Because no absolutely not NO was Stiles allowed to be attracted to a stupid, pixelated avatar that was slightly influenced by Derek Hale’s character. No.

Once Upon a Time by  (1/1 | 1,820 | PG-13)

Stiles doesn’t know what his story is, but he knows he’s in one.

(Or: five fairy tales Stiles isn’t the hero of, and one he might be.)

A Long Way To Go by  (1/1 | 10,572 | Pg-13)

Five times Derek happened to come across Stiles by accident, and one time Derek chose to seek him out.

Lap Magnet by  (1/1 | 30,771 | NC-17)

Wherein an ill-advised floral arrangement leads to a whole new definition of obliviousness, accidental mate-bonds, and far more sex and tropes than one fic really needs.


Five times Derek and Stiles didn’t notice how close they were (literally) and then a whole bunch of times when they did…

Hard Pressed by  (1/1 | 4,842 | NC-17)

Derek maintains this wouldn’t be an issue if Stiles would just learn to knock.

When the Sky Fills With Rain by  (1/1 | 5,205 | NC-17)

Derek raised an eyebrow. “You know I can shop for myself, right?”

“I know you can,” Stiles said. “But I don’t think you will. So we’re gonna go to Walmart and get you a couple packs of tank tops ’cause you look really hot in those and some more t-shirts and Henleys and basically whatever you need, and I’m going to stare at you and maybe drool a little while you try them on. And then we can go to wherever you usually buy jeans and I’m going to stare at your ass while you try those on.”

“Good to know,” Derek said dryly.

Stiles grinned. “Yup. And then you can wash them in my washing machine and leave them on my couch until they stop smelling like strangers and smell like us.”

Derek absolutely did not turn red.

Or: 5 Times Stiles Took Care of Derek and One Time Derek Took Care of Stiles.

Cosomination by  (1/1 | 11,216 | PG-13)

For Fictional Force/Hoktauri who prompted “pining! Derek/oblivious! Stiles, graduation day”

Cosominate - To sleep together in the same bed or similar space.

Five Times Derek and Stiles Sleep Together - 4 platonic bed shares and one not-platonic bed share! Features Pining! Derek, Oblivious!Stiles and a very tense moment where Sheriff Stilinski has been hurt! But it all turns out okay.

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Anonymous: hello! Do you have anymore jealous!Derek?


He Gets Me High by  (1/1 | 11,562 | NC-17)

Stiles and Derek act like a couple. But they’re not. Seriously! Derek has a boyfriend and Stiles has a girlfriend. They’re just friends, overly-attached and possessive friends, but that’s it. Right?

Living With Lycanthropy by  (1/1 | 44,095 | NC-17)

AKA: The Sterek Rival Bakeries AU

Wherein they both own bakeries, Stiles tries not to run his grandmother’s legacy into the ground, Laura wants to be a better alpha, and Derek can’t seem to get Stiles’ attention the regular way - so naturally, he accidentally initiates a prank war.

(Or, if Teen Wolf was more like Gilmore Girls, with everyone far too invested in whether the Hale boy and the Sheriff’s kid will work it out, and Laura Hale wrote a handbook for alpha werewolves.)

Love Comes in Spurts by  (5/5 | 26,238 | NC-17)

Stiles has always had sort of a hero worship thing going on with Scott’s step-brother Derek so moving into a house with him freshman year was basically fulfilling a childhood fantasy. Discovering how Derek was putting himself through college, well that was a whole other fantasy that Stiles didn’t even know he had.

Coaches Cupcake Coffee House by  (1/1 | 4,821 | NR)

Danny looked at him as if he were crazy, ‘It means he wants to ride the dick Stiles.’ He said slowly, as if talking to the mentally insane.

‘Ride the dick, my dick?’ Stiles asked weakly.

‘Figuratively speaking of course, Derek looks more like a topper to me. And you, my friend, are a twink of the most twinkiest standards, but I’m not one to judge.’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Stiles admitted, finding himself in a weird crouch-like stance that he apparently now adopts when he’s overwhelmed about finding out Derek Hotcakes wants to bone him three ways to Sunday.

Be Still, My (Beating) Heart by  (1/1 | 3,787 | NC-17)

The time for games was definitely over. Because now? Now it was time for Derek to breed Stiles’s sweet ass.

There’s Monsters at Home by  (6/6 | 83,575 | NC-17)

“How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.

coalescence by  (1/1 | 2,768 | R)

Stiles makes a friend; Derek makes a discovery.

Let Me Knit You A Sweater by  (1/1 | 1,215 | G)

Stiles never does get warm.

the weird awkward family reunion of the hales by  (1/1 | 8,032 | R)

“God,“ Stiles breathes out, his jaw hanging somewhere around his knees.

The wall of muscles, dark and tall and handsome, laughs and says: “It’s Dan, actually.”

Pining With a Side Order of Courtship— Done Backwards, of Course by  (1/1 | 4,126 | R)

Stiles isn’t exactly sure how much time he spends detailing the wondrous miracle that is his beautiful, magical gift of comics, but Derek doesn’t snarl or snap at him or anything. In fact, he seems oddly indulgent. And does that weird scenting shit again— this time just his neck, thank baby Jesus. Stiles is sure that having a fully human Derek rub his face against Stiles’s crotch would end in the most awkward and uncomfortable situation of all time. So, yeah, it’s a good thing that Derek just, you know, sniffs and licks at his neck. Because all that does is make Stiles squeak. And that’s pretty par for the course as far as his interactions with Derek have been going lately.

It’s Not so Much Old Fashioned Traditionalism (as it is that Derek is in love with Stiles) by  (1/1 | 3,558 | PG-13)

“You don’t want kids?” Derek pounces on her question immediately.

“You do want kids?” Lauren asks Stiles, pointedly ignoring Derek.

“Wow, this escalated really quickly,” Stiles squeaks. And then, “I think I smell something burning!”

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Anonymous: hey! love the blog. :D could you rec fics where, for the most part of it, they are in an airplane or at te airport? thanks!


Come Fly With Me (Or Don’t) by stilinskisparkles (complete | 15,325 | Rated M)

Stiles is overworked and stressed out when his flight home gets delayed due to copious amounts of snow. He finds entertainment with one Derek Hale, whom he hasn’t seen since high school but really doesn’t mind getting reacquainted with.

Especially when it turns out Derek is surprisingly hilarious and will reluctantly play snap with him. And can walk on his hands.

flying high by thepsychicclam (complete | 2,863 | Rated M)

stiles is a nervous flier, and derek is a grouchy flight attendant.

Flying Higher Than Before by amazingpages (complete | 4,522 | Rated E)

Stiles has been a flight attendant for six years now. Derek thinks it’s about time they joined the mile-high club.

Mile High by Saucery (complete | 477 | Rated T)

Derek’s a jaded executive. Stiles is an air steward that looks horrible in waistcoats. They fall in love. (At first flight.)

Turbulence Expected by sonsandmumford (complete | 1,985 | Not Rated)

Stiles is the new flight attendant on the block. Derek is a frequent flyer. Somehow they end up in an enclosed space together.

Stiles on a plane by DorianWilde (complete | 1,034 | Not Rated)

Stiles and Derek goes on vacation together. This means a thirteen hour flight and Derek won’t even let Stiles have the window seat.

and there’s also two birds, one stone by officerstilinskihale and it’s so cute omg

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pardonthelitany: Seriously having a downer... month, and I would love some recs for your absolute favourite, ridiculous, fall-over-laughing Sterek fics! Thanks xx

m’kay i’m gonna link you to a bunch of different posts that have a bunch of different links so be prepared






i hope this helps 8D

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some-other-lover: Can you please update the somnophilia tag?

i can 

Salty Sweet by  (11/11 | 46,478 | NC-17)

Derek works at a porn store. One day, Stiles comes in asking all sorts of TMI questions about different toys. That’s where it all starts.

I Wanna Take a Ride On Your by  (1/1 | 21,407 | NC-17)

Stiles is…endowed.
Derek…likes it.

Lap Magnet by  (1/1 | 30,771 | NC-17)

Wherein an ill-advised floral arrangement leads to a whole new definition of obliviousness, accidental mate-bonds, and far more sex and tropes than one fic really needs.


Five times Derek and Stiles didn’t notice how close they were (literally) and then a whole bunch of times when they did…

Plushwolf by  (1/1 | 2,550 | NC-17)

So suppose Stiles slept every night with his plush wolf doll, to ward off bad dreams. Only that doll was Derek under a spell, and he came alive in Stiles’ dreams. Specifically, in the type of dreams that involve coming.

Runnin’ On My Mind Boy by  (1/1 | 11,384 | NC-17)

Derek lets himself have this indulgence. That’s how he thinks of it but maybe he’s wrong. Not about it being dangerous and stupid, because it is definitely still that, but perhaps he’s not the one making all the decisions around here. For once, maybe Stiles is giving him this and Derek isn’t so much as taking, as he’s just stop lying to himself.

[A story in which Derek feels all over the place, is still creepy, and Stiles acknowledges all of that, but doesn’t understand why they can’t be having sex and angsting about their lives at the same time.]

Dream a Little Dream by  (9/? | 22,610 | NC-17)

For months, Stiles has been dreaming of a mysterious, hot guy sexing him up only to wake up to his dog beside him rather than his lover the next morning. Tonight’s no different. Or is it?

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thesourwolfking: do you know of any fics where derek is batman and stiles is catwoman??

um not really?? i can’t find a fic where stiles is catwoman and derek is batman but have some similar stuff 

Stop Talking About Comic Books (Or I’ll Kill You) by swing_set13 (1/1 | 1,185 | G) 

When you move at superspeed, you miss the obvious. Like a certain dark knight in love with you.

The Curious Incident of the Cat in the Night-Time (1/1 | 1,400 | PG-13)

Stiles is Catwoman.

Nightwatchers by  (2/? | 5,871 | R)

Derek isn’t exactly Batman. Stiles isn’t exactly Robin. Still, somehow, they make it work.

also check out our superheroes/super powers tag

& have some others that are not in the tag

it’s gonna take a superman by  (1/1 | 14,184 | PG-13)

Derek figured the Children of Villains support group would at least be full of outcasts like him. How wrong could he be?

excelsior by  (1/1 | 15,921 | NC-17)

Stiles is a genius billionaire philanthropist, and Derek has breathtaking anger management issues. Mostly, they argue and flirt. But sometimes, they save the world.

Avengers AU.

Who said that? by  (13/? | 28,194 | NR)

Stiles has a very unique superpower, in that he doesn’t exist. He’s invisible, untouchable, unhearable-is that a word?-and just not there. He feels like a ghost most of the time, although he can’t walk through walls (he tried, the wall took offense and his nose paid the price) and he can still trip over his own feet. He blends perfectly into the background and no matter how hard he tries, nobody knows he’s there.

It’s a lonely life, he’s not gonna lie.

But suddenly something changes. Stiles is part of a group project which includes probably the most explosive combination of people in his class. These people don’t notice when he waves a hand right in front of their face-how could they when he doesn’t exist? The possibilities are endless.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun.

Batman Makes It Look Easy by  (13/13 | 50,044 | Pg-13)

All of the big time superheroes like Superman and Captain America make everything look so easy. They manage to have regular jobs, save their cities and have time to maintain stable relationships. Derek wishes his life was that simple. He saves his city and works a regular job but he’s pretty sure that Iron Man never hit on Batman, so why does Red Spark keep hitting on him?

Or the one where Derek and Stiles are both secret superheroes, but are too oblivious to realize that they’re in love. Meanwhile there’s a power draining supervillain on the loose.

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silencespeaks19: Do you know any fics where it's told from isaacs point of view?


The List by  (1/1 | 3,343 | PG-13)

"Stiles won’t let anyone else touch him anymore. It started out slow, he just didn’t shake hands or pat people’s backs like he used to, but it became more obvious when he stopped participating in group hugs after lacrosse games, standing to the side like a lone tree on an empty plain."

Isaac is worried about Derek and Stiles. Well, mostly Derek. Or maybe Stiles. Maybe all he knows is that something is wrong about them, and there isn’t anything he can do about it.

Go Fish? You Fucking Liar! by  (1/1 | 634 | G)

“Do you have a 4?” Stiles asked as he peered over his cards.

Derek glanced at him before looking down at his cards, “Go fish.”

Isaac watched as his eyes seemed to scan Derek. Looking at him as if he was a puzzle. A puzzle that he had apparently solved. Stiles eyes widened and he pointed an accusing finger at Derek, “You’re fucking lying!”

Compromise by  (1/1 | 9,024 | PG-13)

Isaac is getting really tired of walking in on Stiles and Derek. Stiles annoys Isaac beyond all belief and makes Isaac jealous of all the alpha/beta time he is stealing from him.

I Can Hear You by  (1/1 | 1,081 | G)

Isaac gets traumatized at the sounds of Derek and Stiles trying to be quiet while they fuck…

this has a bunch of ppls pov

Love Is Paranoid by  (1/1 | 1,881 | NR)

Danny is curious…

Who is the girl that is responsible for the hickeys on Stiles’ neck?

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