The View From My Window by primroseshows
(oneshot | 29,586 | NC-17)

Derek is a glassblower on the hunt for new ideas. His assistant Scott has some artist friend named Stiles.
warning: drug abuse, depression
bkins: Do you know of anyone that is willing to beta stories?

okay i have a lot of link you can check out

for those who don’t know: a beta is a person willing to read your fanfiction and correct spelling, characterization, grammar, style or plot. They are awesome and I recommend everyone have one.

if you want to join our list of betas just send me a message with general information about you, your past experiences as a beta (can be irl too), what you like to read, what you won’t read (watersports, mpreg, etc) and where they can get in touch with you (tumblr, e-mail, etc)

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Guys go follow the new teen wolf prompt blog: officialteenwolfprompts 

Do you want a fic written but don’t want to have to do it yourself? Do you want to write a fic but your muse has abandoned you? Here is a place where you can both post and gain ideas.

Feel free to submit your prompts and follow us here OfficialTeenWolfPrompts

Please help us spread the word! 

they have a nifty tag page with all the ships and prompt types so go submit a prompt or a fill or whatever.

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anonymousaisle: Howdy! :) Do you have any new arranged marriage? I've read the two you have on your new tag page.

and the wild things roared their terrible roarby  (1/1 | 4,905 | NC-17)

Derek as Khal Drogo (but set in snow beyond the wall) and Stiles as Daenerys Stormborn (although he’s a greenseer of the Children rather than a dragon).

Killing me softlyby  (1/1 | 1,974 | R)

"I agreed to be your mate. I agreed to be your consort. I never agreed to be your whore."

Mail Order Stiles by  (1/1 | 17,489 | NC-17)

Stiles laughs. “The day I become a mail-order bride is the day I eat my hat.”

“You don’t even wear a hat.”

“I’ll buy a hat for the occasion,” Stiles says. “A white one with a veil.”

(Stiles doesn’t eat a hat, but that’s just because he’s too busy with his new husband, his five children, his new husband’s ex, and a deadly feud with the neighboring ranch)

Come A Little Closer by orphan_account (8/? | 49,734 | NR)

When the majority of the North American government become part of the Human-Wolf Alliance, they finally gain enough power to force a law that allows them to arrange marriages between humans and werewolves in order to keep the peace between the two groups. Stiles doesn’t have a problem with this rule, not really. Not until he’s partnered with Derek Hale, that is.

The Royal Wedding by Fletcher (8/8 | 31,856 | PG-13)

Prince Stiles Stilinski leads a carefree life in the palace of Beacon Hills. Until Regent Hale decides Stiles would make an excellent consort for his nephew, Prince Derek.

An arranged marriage with a werewolf. Yeah, that is so not happening.

Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of by  (1/1 | 1,048 | NC-17)

Derek and Stiles fulfill an ancient supernatural law.

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mustloveducks1977: Sorry, I wasn't trying to be harsh. I guess I could have worded that better. I love this blog and am so happy that it exists. You guys make it so easy to find quality Sterek fics and I just wish people would make it easier for you. Keep up the amazing work.

I know you weren’t! it’s okay don’t worry about it, I know your intention wasn’t to be rude or harsh, you were just frustrated and that’s how it came it. It’s okay :) But thank you, we really do appreciate your support :)

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mustloveducks1977: Do you ever just wish that people would read the tag page and not ask you stupid ass questions that could be answered if they just read the tag page?

well i wouldn’t put it that harshly because i do understand that sometimes it is just easier to ask a question than it is to search thoroughly, but yes we do get a lot of repetition and questions that have already been answered. it would be nice if people would take the time to look for themselves, especially since a lot of the time we don’t get back to them in a timely manner, but we also take it with a grain of salt because with the amount of interest in this blog there are going to be those people, no matter what. and in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. we appreciate that people are interested in our blog and we like that everyone loves sterek so much! but yes it would be nice if we didn’t have to answer questions about tags that are already posted

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This is the monthly installment of softywolf’s Top Ten Sterek Fics (x). The list is in no particular order and my favourite(s) has an asterisk (*) beside it. The theme for each month is chosen either by poll or by me. You can check my #topten tag for previous months.


April’s theme is College/University.


No Homo* by RemainNameless (T | 10186)

Stiles’ sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads “str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic”.
Derek is the fool who replies.

The Hazards (and Benefits) of Channel-Surfing on Friday Nights by herbeautifullie (M | 12175)

He’s watching TV over the edge of his laptop when Scott brings up the fact that he’s still a lonely loser in his third year of college without a boyfriend which, while being completely true, is really fucking unappreciated. It sparks a desperate need to save what little manhood Stiles has and, before he knows it, he’s blurting, “I totally have a boyfriend, dude. Shows how much you know.”
How was he supposed to know Scott would doubt him? It’s not Stiles’ fault that someone named Derek Hale really exists. It’s also not his fault when his lie grows legs and runs so far he can’t find it until it’s too late – too late and standing right in front of him, gorgeous and annoyed and not at all the person Stiles made him up to be.
Yeah, this could get bad.

The Chemistry Between Us by coffeeinallcaps (E | 26041)

Meeting Derek Hale wasn’t special, or frightening, or any of the other things everyone had made it out to be. It was, actually, pretty much the opposite. Stiles didn’t even realize the guy was Derek Hale until the moment had passed. Derek: the most infamous student at Beacon Hills University. Stiles: the freshman who falls for him anyway. Awkward encounters, concerned friends, and lots of not-so-casual sex ensue.

Hale to the Chief by LadyLazarus (E | 14403)

First Son Stiles Stilinski thought college back home in Beacon Hills would be the best thing ever.
That is, until he realized that he’d be stuck with Derek Hale as his roommate the entire year.

Circle Yes or No by blacktofade (E | 23191)

Stiles is a TA for Professor Morrell’s class, where Derek happens to be a mature student.

Intro To Art for NonMajors* by otatop (NR | 13489)

Derek has one more class to pass before he can finish his degree but he can’t bring himself to give a shit about art. He can, however, give a shit about his professor.

Special Collections by hannah_baker (E | 16423)

Stiles Stilinski is a senior in college working on his thesis. Derek Hale is the grumpy (though inhumanely attractive) special collections librarian. All they needed was a common interest to spark a friendship that becomes more than either of the bargained for.

Losers by stilinskisparkles (M | 34234)

Where Derek is new to college, eager to spend his time learning, and Stiles is everything he didn’t want in a room mate. He’s loud, he’s into sports, and he keeps trying to make Derek do things.
Or, the one where Derek falls for a jock, Erica will cut you if you disturb her studying, and Jackson is a closeted romantic who pretends to hate everything.

A Broken Heart Is Blind* by halona (M | 5327)

When Lydia dumps Stiles to get back with Jackson, Stiles rebounds with Derek, his former TA. It was just supposed to be a one night stand, but they’re both a little confused about what the rules for those are.

'Linkski's Late Night Antidote To Lame by WhoNatural (T | 13865)

Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan.
Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

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thank you~
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wiggle-my-woggle: Hey! Do you know of any fics that are like a crossover or a fusion in the Avatar: The last air bender anime? I'd love to read a fic like that. Much love xx


Rebellion: Rising by  (2/? | 1,788 | R)

It’s been 50 years since Fire Lord Azulon has started the Great War. The Air Temples have been seized and destroyed; any remaining Air Nomads are in hiding. The Fire Nation is days away from conquering the entire Southern Water Tribe and has begun it’s foray into the outskirts of the Earth Kingdom. All the while, the anti-bending group, the Partizans, has been assassinating benders - no matter their affiliation. The group is small, for now, but it has proven its power by taking down such dynastic bending families as the Triskele of the Fire Nation. All except for two: Derek Hale and his uncle, Peter. Beacon Hills is a coastal city located on the Chin peninsula in the southwestern part of the Earth Kingdom. It’s on the map for two reasons: It’s a popular port-calling for the four nations as it is relatively central. And the giant, stone lighthouse that Chin the Conqueror erected. What it is was of no importance to Derek, only that it was as far as he could manage to sail. It has been six years since then and Derek has adapted to a lowly life as a dock worker, hiding his firebending abilities for fear he will be persecuted. The Fire Nation’s war made everywhere a hostile environment.

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fuckyeahbaseballpants: Do you know of any prank war fics I read Living With Lycanthropy and was wondering if there are anymore like it?! THANK YOU!!

heh. heheheheh. oh man, so tbh i get a majority of prank ideas from fics (try living with two overgrown monkeys (brothers) for 16 years. the prank well runs dry over time), bc they’re pretty original and hilariously written. here are some of my favorite prank-inspired fics:

 That Creeper, the Zoo Keeper by Planty (12/? | 31,790 | R)

Derek wasn’t too sure what heinous crime he’d committed in a past life. It must’ve been pretty up there to warrant having Stiles Goddamn Stilinski as his Trainee.

AKA That Zoo!AU you saw coming a mile off.

but ok so this is a two piece companion fic that literally had my on the floor while i was reading it. two words: fraternity sterek

There is a Brotherhood by minusoneday (complete | 21,004 | NC-17)

So far, college has taught Stiles three things:

1) Eight am classes are cruel and unusual and should be avoided at all costs, even if it means having to enroll in something truly hideous instead, like Econ 101.

2) Dorm security is just as tight as Stiles’ orientation leader had promised it would be, and the dude guarding Scott’s dorm in particular does not respond well to bribes.

3) Mrs. McCall clearly had no clue what she was talking about when she’d insisted that Scott and Stiles needed to branch out and room with strangers, so it’s all her fault that Scott ended up with a total dick of a roommate and Stiles got stuck all the way across campus with some guy who has a girlfriend two towns over and is thus never around.

Or, the one where pledge brothers Stiles and Scott start a prank war with Derek Hale’s fraternity.

Your Lifelong Membership is Free by minusoneday (complete | 28,544 | NC-17) 

Uncle Peter’s spent years regaling Derek with tales of his time as President of the Alphas. Derek’s paid close attention, because Peter’s stint as President is a pretty comprehensive guide on ‘How to Successfully Run a Fraternity into the Ground,’ so Derek plans to do the opposite of what Peter did.


A Derek POV to There is a Brotherhood. In which Derek’s life is hard.

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gininipanini: I just wanted to say that a few months ago I got kind of curious about Sterek and it lead me to your guys' blog which then eventually lead me to watching teen wolf so I just wanted to say thanks and that I really love this blog so much

That is so awesome. We’ve actually lead to people watching the show? Wow that amazes me. I hope you enjoy the show & our blog. Thank you for telling us!

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kerrikillsglamour: I don't know what it was called buts there's a fic about Derek and Stiles and a bond that is between them so they move in together and end up falling in love fluff yea and I NEED to read it again

Nothing Short of Perfect by   (oneshot | 27,019 | E)

In which Derek and Stiles are made aware of their potential and have to make a choice about what their relationship will be.

“Let me get this straight,” his dad says. “You’re telling me a witch told Derek and yourself that you could be destined to be together and now Derek will be going to college with you?”

Stiles shrugs, resting his hands on his legs to stop himself from fidgeting. “That’s about it, yep.”

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First encounter #tbt

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