The View From My Window by primroseshows
(oneshot | 29,586 | NC-17)

Derek is a glassblower on the hunt for new ideas. His assistant Scott has some artist friend named Stiles.
warning: drug abuse, depression
immortaltran: Hey! Since the holidays are coming up, I was wondering if y'all could find any christmas/thanksgiving/new years fics!

you got it


can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful by  (oneshot | 6,260 | PG-13)

"Be cool, Dad, we’ve decided to con Grandma."

(Or, the one where the Stilinski men drag Derek to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s and she gets the right wrong idea.)

Coming Home by  (oneshot | 9,951 | NC-17)

When Stiles comes home from college for Thanksgiving break, the last thing he expects to develop is a sudden, overwhelming attraction to Derek Hale.

Not Quite the Bradys by  (oneshot | 13,520 | PG-13)

Melissa just wanted their first Thanksgiving together to go perfectly.

As if.

Cupboard Love by  has both christmas & thanksgiving

christmas: our christmas tag

christmas lights by  (oneshot | 2,653 | PG-13)

The Stilinski’s put their Christmas lights up that same way every year like Stiles’ mom wanted because she loved Christmas. It’s a sad day and they always put them up in silence, and this year Derek shows up to help.

Tis The Season Baristas Fear The Most by  (oneshot | 5,470 | PG-13)

Scott is hands down the worst barista Derek has ever hired. But it’s Christmas and apparently that means something to some people.

With A Little Christmas Magic by  (oneshot | 10,669 | PG-13)

AU: Stiles is jobless this Christmas and as a last resort, is stuck playing one of Santa’s elves at the mall. The job is a bust, and Stiles isn’t really in the Christmas mood, until he finds salvation in the Starbucks at the food court, not only in hiding from kids, but in one very sexy barista named Derek. ((Or: In Wich Stiles in an Elf and Derek is a Christmas Coffee Magician))

A Christmas Hale by  (oneshot | 14,298 | R)

The boys spend Christmas together. There’s copious amounts of sarcasm, some sharing of emotions and somewhere along the lines feelings develop.

DILF by  has mentions of happy christmas times

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whitesnowwolf: Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the hard work you do here. Anytime I want to read a Sterek fic I just come here to get my fix ^^

Thank you! We will definitely keep to drugs sterek coming for all you lovely people.

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softcaswarmcas: They just wondering if somethings going on? I see that you changed your layout, but all the tags I clicked on on the tag list didnt work...?

the tags should still work! i just checked a couple of them, so it might be a problem on your end?


Sorry about that, it was my fault. It has been all fixed and ready to go. Let me know if there are still problems with it. Thanks!

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Hey guys! As of this moment we have 396 messages and 70-80% of those are fic finders (fics you’ve lost with a summary. ex: “I’ve lost a fic about stiles murdering derek with toenail clippers! Do you know what it is?”). So for the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 21st - Dec 2nd) I will be answering a good chunk of them. However, I will not be accepting anymore of these messages (for the entirety of thanksgiving week). 

Here are some solutions: 

I know some people will not see this but I’m still going to delete any messages asking for specific fics from this moment on until Monday Dec. 2nd. So this feature is not being shut down more like a hiatus/temporary close.

I will still take any messages asking for a specific tag or a tag update. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, 


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sterekychristmas-deactivated201: Yeah, I was looking for one where they call each other daddy or whatnot :3

you got it

Briefcase by  (oneshot | 5,186 | NC-17)

Derek comes back home to pick up his briefcase, but instead finds his stepson in an extremely compromising, yet arousing position.

Scarlet by  (wip | 40,288 | NC-17)

Fed up with being taken for granted and tired of feeling rejected, Stiles starts to pull away from the pack he’s not sure he’s even a part of in the first place. Along the way of building up his self image, he meets some new fabulously flamboyant friends and rediscovers a side of himself he’d forgotten about.

strike up another mandolin by  (oneshot | 3,605 | NC-17)

What Derek finds when he opens the door is not at all what he was expecting. It’s Stiles, of course, but-

On his knees. Shirtless. In a- fuck. In a collar.

uncover our heads and reveal our souls by  (oneshot | 4,907 | NC-17)

Stiles is so wound up, anxious and turned on at the same time, waves of fear and lust churning in Derek’s nose, on the back of his tongue.

Stiles’ mouth works before he spits the words out, all at once. “Iwantyoutoknotme.”

Taking Care of Daddy by  (oneshot | 1,120 |  NC-17)

Stiles was feeling…particularly submissive today, which was fine with Derek.

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dylanodevine: um, hi. I was wondering what some good bakery fics are? since the tag is down...

sure thing

Living With Lycanthropy by  (oneshot | 44,095 | Nc-17)

Wherein they both own bakeries, Stiles tries not to run his grandmother’s legacy into the ground, Laura wants to be a better alpha, and Derek can’t seem to get Stiles’ attention the regular way - so naturally, he accidentally initiates a prank war.

Red Velvet by  (oneshot | 7,690 | PG-13)

Stiles is pretty used to people coming to visit him at Sweet Stuff when he’s baking. It’s only when Isaac starts bringing along one Derek Hale that things start to get really interesting.

Lucky Ones by  (wip | 35,297 | R)

The story of how Stiles finds himself standing in front of a bakery on a Friday night is a long and complicated one.

you know how much i hate waiting around by  (complete | 7,496 | PG-13)

The Hale’s bakery is a fairly popular breakfast spot for New York’s finest and grumpiest students, due to both Derek’s incredibly delicious pastries and their ever-popular Muffin Mondays.

Stiles, though, comes in Tuesdays.

The Sweet Little Things That You Do by  (oneshot | 6,857 | R)

"If Stiles was being honest, it was possibly the most perfect place he had ever been to. If he died, this would be his heaven."

Someone keeps leaving Stiles free muffins, which he wouldn’t mind if it weren’t for the notes…

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ask-akira-natsumi: Hey, I was just wondering if you know of anymore 'Pack pushing Stiles away' fics cuz they're my favorites and I've read all the ones in your tag plus werewolfwagon?

this tag will have stiles leaving the pack & stiles thinking he isn’t pack cause i dont see a difference 

I’ll show you who’s useless by  (complete | 15,518 | PG-13)

“I overheard Derek arguing with Scott” Stiles said softly as Deaton led him to the back room “He said that I wasn’t pack, because I was human” he paused for a few seconds as his hands closed into fists “I want to prove him wrong, you mentioned in a previous conversation that I have the spark. I want to learn how to control it”

Wolf Like Me by  (series wip | 8,612 | PG-13)

The story of how Stiles and Derek go from nothing to everything for each other is a long one - but it starts and ends with a howl.

Noticed by  (complete | 35195 | PG-13)

Stiles left on a Tuesday. Nobody Noticed.

Abandoned by  (wip | 54,613 | R)

(Or where the pack forgets it’s Stiles’ birthday and it all spirals down until Stiles leaves the pack and gets into way too much trouble.)

Blood Pounding in Our Veins by  (complete | 41,305 | R)

In which Stiles is angry. For some very good reasons.

and thats all i could find

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impenetrable-kakorrhaphiophobia: There's this really long Sterek Fic that I've been trying to re-read but I have no clue what it's called. Stiles has magic and he gets a tattoo and it contains his fathers blood, Scott's blood as well as Derek's and Derek is suppose to represent the lover. That's all I remember! ]:

I have no idea! Anyone have a link or a name?


could be

Play It Again by 

The Lines on Which We Tread by 

thanks to buckeebarnes & fauvistfly

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carolinahope: Hi! First of all, thank you for all the wonderful recs and the amazing page, you were cause for many a sleepless nights spent happily reading Sterek fics. I checked your woke-up-married tag as it is the closest to what I'm looking for - accidental marriage, and do you have any other recs for it as there is only one fic in the tag. Thank you.

i’ve been meaning to fill that

Happy Accidents by  (oneshot | 2,012 | PG-13)

"We got married. Nobody’s dying, all our limbs are intact, and nobody’s creepy relatives are skulking in the bushes. All things considered, this is pretty tame for us."

i thought it make believe by  (oneshot | 2,631 | PG-13)

Stiles scrolls up on his text message history and sure enough finds “I’m OK, don’t worry, I’m going back to the hotel room” with a timestamp of 1:30AM and “I think I’m in love I think he’s a werewolf” at 3:00AM.

Stiles stares at his phone for a while in horror.


Well, so would Stiles.

A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by   (oneshot | 21,285 | NC-17)

Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal.

In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.

Or in which uraniea and lupinus combine meeting the Hales, President Papa, waking up married, fake/pretend relationship, First Boy Stiles, and bodyguard Derek into one fic.

Is Erica and Laura’s Doing (with the goal to make Derek even more miserable under the false pretense of friendship) by (complete | 7,749 | NC-17)

Laura and Erica drag Derek to Las Vegas, to cure a recent (it’s been three months, Derek! you need to have fun) heartbreak. He meets Stiles.

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Merrily merrily merrily merrily…

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Row, row, row

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vanilla-milkshakess: HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW TEEN WOLF PROMOS????

oh my goooood yes!!!!!! i reblogged the stiles one a few days ago but i just saw allisons and i’m sO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

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