A Happy Ending [Costs Double] by kaihire
(4/4 | 6,146 | E)
It's Stiles' birthday, and his friends decide to surprise him with a visit to a strip club.


Oh boy, how about that finale?! I still don’t know how I feel about that ending or the things that were said on the “romance” that is going to happen in season four but whatever. Anyways! Here is the last Moonday Hangover rec until June 23rd! 


That Secret They All Know (Complete: 20461: E)

Somewhere, somehow, along the line, Stiles went from being the human sidekick of his stupid beta, to someone he gives lifts to when there’s torrential rain, to being the one who sleeps beside him on the couch.

And god help him, but, for some reason he REALLY can’t figure out - he doesn’t seem to be doing much to stop this from happening.

Stolen (Complete: 99099: E)

Derek first meets Stiles when he’s fifteen years old, just after the fire, and realizes that he’s his mate. You can picture the kind of joy that follows.

Of Sharing Shirts (Complete: 3152: M)

Stiles borrows one of Derek’s shirts because he can, because likes the way it feels and smells. Derek likes the way Stiles smells when he wears it.

Make This World (Complete: 26337: T)

Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills during the new moon in April.

A Life Less Ordinary (Complete: 19290: T)

It takes a few years but eventually they manage to agree on something; Derek Hale is an asshole, and Stiles Stilinski is in love with him.

Written in Foam (Complete: 2492: T)

Stiles Stilinski is hopelessly in love with his professor. 

If I Could Turn Back Time (Complete: 5502: NR)

Stiles wakes up in a world in which Kate Argent was never born.

The Place I Belong (Complete: 15378: NR)

Stiles had never thought being a journalist meant sitting at a stupid desk in a stupid office of a stupid town. He’d thought as a journalist he would go around and see the world, reporting everything, telling people how things really were – just not this.

I Call You Names Because I Love You (Complete: 13025: M)

Years of touring with Stiles would never have prepared Derek for the day his beloved techie fell in love with someone else.

I’m Constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you (Complete: 4044: T)

“We were fine, back at the coffee shop! Then you got weird after that phone call – even if you were the one who gave me your number – and this afternoon you ran from your sister’s tattoo shop and now you can’t even look at me! What did I do?”

“It’s not your fault! I just –” Derek scoffs, remembering what his ex-girlfriend, Kate, once told him. “I’m a writer, okay? I make things up for living. Sometimes it’s hard to dissociate reality from fiction.”

Now, Now (Complete: 1451: NR)

It was strange, how happy he was living in some tiny little home that had leaky faucets and a boy that’s smile was the last thing he saw before falling asleep at night. He was working up to a life he would be proud to show his parents, and he wouldn’t do anything to change it.

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purplehoodiesandleatherjackets: You guys are fuckin' awesome! Thanks for compartmentalizing all of the fic so I can find EXACTLY what I want without having to search for hours!! Kid fic? Easy. Angst? Right there. Thank you!

im not gonna lie… i really dig your enthusiasm. you’re so welcome!

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twentysomethingwerewolf: I need more knotting fics more than I need oxygen. Knotting tag + update? *scratches at my own arm* I. NEED. MY. FIX. *rips off my own arm*

whoa there i got what you need gurl [shiftly hands you a list of knotting fics while giving you a weird bro hand shake] thats how drug deals go right?

hover for summaries (also all these are NC-17 since knotting happens during sex.)

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stubblehale: Hi! Do you guys rec anything like Shota!Stiles fics? I've only read one "For Neither Ever, Nor Never" and it made me want more but I can't find any. ):

yes also its called shotiles in our fandom & for those of you who don’t know all these fics contain major underage (-13) stiles with an older (16+) derek so beware if thats not your thing

multiplied by seven by  (9/9 | 26,340 | NC-17)

Derek isn’t exactly like other people. Stiles doesn’t say that because he’s in love with him, or whatever. He’s not like Scott, who thinks Allison hung the freaking moon, or was the first girl to ever let a guy under her bra. Derek isn’t like other people. Sometimes he’s not exactly sane.

psychopaths in love - the story from Derek & Stiles’s side.
companion fic to ‘hear his alibis’

Purple Stained Morality by  (1/1 | 4,664 | NC-17)

He’s gonna be the death of Derek, this beautiful boy, all soft curves and sharp eyes and innocent gestures. And Derek can do nothing but look on with hungry eyes and gentle hands and a breaking heart and an already broken resolve.

Part 1 of Batman Undies

The Sinner in Me by  (1/1 | 2,014 | NC-17)

At first, Derek didn’t like the idea very much, being stuck taking care of a 10-year-old hyperactive kid with ADD. But Stiles quickly won his heart, and now he’s everything Derek has ever wanted.

Part 1 of The Sinner in Me ‘verse

stardust by  (4/? | 28,674 | NC-17)

Derek reasons that he never said he was a good person.

Not bad, necessarily. Just—not exactly prime material as an upstanding citizen either.

Oh, Brother by  (1/1 | 1,187 | NC-17)

Derek is home for summer break from college and his 12-year-old brother Stiles has just discovered masturbation. He waits until he thinks Derek is fast asleep and starts jacking off. The problem is, Derek has trouble sleeping, and he always hears Stiles, the sound of flesh hitting flesh and the quiet moans he lets out. And you see, it’s inevitable, Derek starts masturbating to the thought of his brother, when the one is doing the same thing right beside him.

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alpharagnar: Firstly, this is the best blog in the whole world! Love y'all, and thank you for helping me waste hours and hours and hours and hours of my life! Also, do you happen to know any Queer as Folk crossovers (I just really see Brian/ Justin as so Stereky!) Thanks for everything you do!

yes ma’am/sir

Teen As Folk by  (1/1 | 10,086 | NC-17)

Stiles goes back to the gay bar despite his better judgment, meets Brian Kinney, and learns that he is actually attractive to gay guys. Derek is not amused.

Queer as Wolf by  (1/1 | 524 | G)

Stiles knows that freaking loft from somewhere, he just can’t remember where.

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coldcoffeehottea: Do you know of any fics where stiles or Derek is physically disabled? Thanks in advance :)

deaf derek, blind derek, blind stiles, deaf stiles, mute stiles


Wild Tonic by  (1/1 | 11,010 | R)

Stiles nodded and smiled again, his teeth flashing brightly and he signed something again, before looking frustrated with himself.

“You’re welcome,” Derek told him, feeling a wave of relief when Stiles’ face brightened. That would’ve been awkward if Stiles hadn’t been trying to say thank you.

“I had a really good time, so yeah. I’m glad you came with me,” he said, feeling his face grow hot. Derek wasn’t usually like this. He wasn’t confident. Sure, he had the looks and he could flirt shamelessly when he got hit on, but he always got shy around the people he genuinely liked, not that there was too many of those.

But Stiles didn’t let him dwell on that. He gripped Derek’s arm, grinned cheekily and pointed at himself before lifting two fingers. It took a while for Derek to get it but when he did, he couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across his face.

Me too.

Pretty Eyes by  (2/2 | 430 | NR)

kid!Derek wants to talk to kid!Stiles but doesn’t know how. So he asks Laura to help…

Sounds Like Love by  (1/1 | 20,433 | NC-17)

Derek meets Stiles in English class. Stiles is deaf.

blind stiles:

Lost in the Woods by  (1/1 | 2,720 | G)

Stiles gets lost in the woods. His savior is a rather unlikely hero.

Part 1 of the Guide Dog

Sinking Like a Stone (Carry On) by  (9/9 | 19,962 | R)

Derek Hale is convinced he can protect his pack from anything. Kanimas, other packs, even the supernatural that remain myths (like demons and the such), but an event hits him like a punch to the gut to remind him that the things he can’t protect his pack from are the everyday horrors in which life makes us her bitch. 

deaf derek:

Speak to Me by  (1/1 | 9,168 | PG-13)

Derek became deaf from the fire that took his family long ago, and has refused to speak since. But when he is forced to speak in the court case of the woman who betrayed him long ago, he begrudgingly accepts the help of a newly graduated speech pathologist. Stiles, however, is about to teach a whole lot more.

Give Me A Sign by  (1/1 | 2,215 | NC-17)

Stiles decides to learn sign language so he can communicate better with Derek and he ends up using it to communicate his feelings for him.

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tomlinsonstiles: just wanna say that your tag list is impeccable

thanks so much! a lot of work goes into it :)

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secretlyyoulovethis: Do you have modern royalty fics?? I know you have some like medieval-style ones but I wasn't sure about modern

uh not a lot?

Alpha Spikes by  (7/7 | 64,978 | NC-17)

AU. Alphas are like royalty and are offered their choice of any age eighteen-and-up virgin Omega for each year’s heat season, as a ‘thank-you’ to all they’ve done for their compounds throughout the year. Derek is an Alpha and…yeah, Stiles. Stiles is an Omega. And still a virgin. In every way. And he’s just turned eighteen. This…is not his day.

Best Thing (chapter wip | 62,461 | R)

 In a world where the supernatural is widely known, The Others (or werewolves) are treated like Royalty. Every year, they pick a handful of people from nearby towns to Serve - unpaid. Stiles was one of the ‘lucky’ ones to get picked, although he’s not very happy about it.

The Missing Blank by  (5/? | 5,606 | PG-13)

"So…we know more about Derek, the guy who doesn’t talk much, then Stiles, the guy who can’t keep his mouth shut?"

The tales of a King and his Consort by  (2/? | 1,940 | NR) 

Days in the life of a King and a Consort

A Prince and His Knights by  (3/? | 6,110 | PG-13)

Derek Hale is the newest heir to the throne of England, and he’s really kind of sick of it.

Enter Stiles, an American theatre student, and everything Derek knows turns upside down.

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boricua-mami94: Do you guys know where I can find any mini!alpha fics ? Love the blog, btw. And thanks for the help :))

yesssss i can

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This by  (1/1 | 6,730 | PG-13)

Stiles has one little sex dream about Derek, his mini-were, and now his entire world has turned upside down. But, Stiles thinks, for the better.

Based on prettiestalpha’s minialpha series.

Part 1 of the Sweet Dreams

All I Ever Wanted by  (3/? | 6,404 | PG-13)

Inspired and kind of written for PrettiestAlpha

Stiles always wanted a Mini Wolf, but when his Dad brings him one home from a crime scene, Can Stiles help heal the Mini Wolf or has Stiles bitten off more then he can chew?

and this tumblr ficlet by rizuno

Mini Derek aka the best pet ever! by omega101 (1/? | 2,231 | G)

After ditching Scott and Allison, Stiles finds a mini alpha (Derek) at a pet store and of course has to buy him!

Mini-WolvesAU by ariddlesorigin (2 works | 1,371 | PG-13)

Stiles gets a pet.

Adoptions by  (12/? | 30,758 | G)

Teen Wolf AU where Werewolves are sold as pets, mini pets that is. Stiles manages to convince he dad that he’s ready for a pet, but who will he choose? Scott and Allison come with him and adopt some of their own. Lots of fluff and cuteness, more detail in the setting. Lots of mini alpha cuteness!

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smile4everplease: Hi! Do you know any summer camp au fics? Where they're counselors or Stiles is the camper? Merci <3.

camping tag yo

Welcome to Hale (1/1 | 20,884 | PG-13)

“This is Laura Hale calling. I have you booked at Lake Hale from September 16th - 18th, party of 6. I can assure you that our groundskeeper is up to the task. Previous visitors have reviewed his performance as being “suitably creepy” and “watch him, I think he really is a murderer.” Scripts have been sent to the email addresses you provided. We recommend that you keep the details of your murder private, to ensure the impact the events have on the rest of your party. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I assure you, your friend won’t know what hit him. Metaphorically, of course. Welcome to Hale.”

Part 1 of the Welcome to Hale

Eagle Lake by  (1/1 | 28,972 | NC-17)

It was supposed to be an easy summer job. But everything at this camp is a little odd, and that Hale boy from the hardware store? Definitely too good to be true. Everyone seems to have secrets, and sometimes the truth is stranger than anything Stiles can imagine.

eight miles high and falling fast by  (1/1 | 2,089 | R)

"I dunno, I guess you and I are kind of considered… associated."

Part 1 of the macaroni art and bugspray 

Camp Little Paw by  (4/? | 24,706 | R)

When Derek’s parents die in a house fire, Derek moves back to Beacon Hills to take care of his younger sisters. He finds himself entrusted with the responsibility of running his family’s camp – Little Paw. Despite hating everything about camp, including s’mores and dumb campfire songs, Derek takes on the role of Camp Director. He does so while secretly praying he doesn’t finish the next two weeks with some sort of law suit on his hands. Two weeks isn’t a lot of time, but it proves long enough to mend family bonds and to fall in love.

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barbecuechips: That last ask bugged me, you really do say thank you all the time to the people that send you nice asks. Anyway THANK YOU for all the nice work you're doing, amazing job guys <3

you’re welcome! and thank you! we really do appreciate all the support, you guys are phenomenal :)

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shoulllddnt: You get a lot of compliments and you never say thank you. That really bugs me.

sorry?? we do say thank you ?? but like you said we get a lot of compliments so it’s sort of redundant to say thank you every time? and you guys know we’re appreciative of all the support so i’m not really understanding the problem here.

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Anonymous: Are there any new cyborg/robot au's?:) if not it's okay just wanted to let you know what an amazing job y'all are doing:)


okay first of all you should check the Wireless Connection masterpost by littlecofiegirl. It’s a tumblr sterek fancomic where stiles is an android and it’s the cutest thing

S.T.I.L.E.S. (I Am Alive) by 100KlicksAway (complete | 3,442 | Rated T)

Android AU - In the world where technology has no limitations, Derek has one of the most boring jobs. He works in an android factory and every single day is the same. Every day he runs tens of androids through a basic check-up before sending them to be sold. If any of them show any signs of malfunction, he disassembles them and moves to the next one. Simple as that. Or is it? What if an android has a mind of his own? Is being too human a malfunction?

Your Heart is an Empty Room by Dream_tempo (complete | 20,936 | Rated M)

It’s 2045 and though the world is a much different place, humans aren’t. They still experience happiness, anger, grief- continue to deal with it in strange and personal ways. Derek is one such human.

Thing is, this world doesn’t just belong to them anymore. With the invention of androids, there’s a thousand and one new ways to see and live through it all. With built in curiosity, a need to please, and different methods of understanding, they too are just trying to figure it all out. Stiles is one such android.

Unable to make it on their own, they try and parse out an existence together- haltingly, violently, unsure, but together.

Naturally Synthetic by thebooklegger (7/? | 30,218 | Rated E)

Weretechnology models are humanoid computers by creator Doctor Alan Deaton. They have changed the way human lives function. Derek never expected to have enough money to afford a model, but when he finds one lost in the street with no memory, he wonders if it’s a stroke of good luck or bad luck.

if you say i’m always yours by stilinski (complete | 4,975 | Rated T)

”You’re a robot—”

”Android. I’m almost as human as you are, fucker, and twice as intelligent,” Stiles says - snarls, really - and his arms twitch almost as though he’s trying to throw them up in the air for emphasis. “Who knows how long I’ve been lying in a trash pile, exposed to all of the elements and chemicals out there? Let’s see how easily you can move around after being pretty much dead for at least a month.”

”I had an uncle once, actually. Seemed kind of limber for an undead guy,” Derek says without really thinking it through. Stiles gapes at him, as though unsure whether to take him seriously or not.

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